About the study

Our approach

The development of the Australian Child Maltreatment Study was  informed by gold standard research methodologies and identified policy needs. Our goal was to conduct high quality, rigorous, empirical research with a translational focus to promote policy and practice impact.

We  established engagement and consultation strategy including a National Advisory Board comprised of state and federal government and peak body representatives, and an International Technical Expert Panel comprised of leading academics and methodologists.

Our methodological approach and instrument design were  based on a number of factors including:

  • Thorough review of international peer reviewed literature, including pilot work conducted by the chief investigators, to identify gold standard methodological approaches and instruments.
  • Review of relevant policy needs literature.
  • Consultation with our international Technical Expert Panel of leading academic researchers.
  • Consultation with our National Advisory Group comprised of key government and peak body representatives as well as representatives of vulnerable groups (e.g., youth, indigenous Australians).
  • Thorough review of the relevant legal and ethical issues.

Our approach involved ongoing consultation and engagement with relevant state and federal government departments and a range of specific knowledge transfer processes to promote policy and practice impact from this important research.

Our consultation included direct work with our National Advisory board as well as receiving advice and consultation from our Technical Expert Panel which is comprised of leading international researchers.

Our partners

The ACMS is proud to partner with the National Health and Medical Research Council, The Social Research Centre, and the Australian Government on this important project. For more information about our partners please click here.